Current Gold Price and Platinum / 10gm (Including GST)
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Ans: Natural Diamond which is extracted from the earth’s core & CVD is manmade or lab grown diamond.


Ans: It is all laser inscribed & certified by gem testing device and expert from GIA.

Ans: Yes, the value of Natural Diamond increases with time & the value of the jewellery that you purchase from us will also increase.

Ans: Yes, you will get two certificates, one for natural diamond (checked on gem testing device & GIA experts) & the other for purity of platinum.

Ans: Both metals are rare & have different melting points, Gold 1064 °C & Platinum 1768 °C, the technology used to combine them is what makes it unique.

Ans: It means that if you buy a jewellery piece now from our website & after some time you want to exchange it with a bigger size diamond than you had bought, then you will get full value of the diamond on current rates.

Ans: You can visit our website, the current price of gold & platinum are displayed on the top which are refreshed automatically in every 20 minutes.

Ans: No, there are no hidden charges, the actual price is displayed on the website which is all inclusive.

Ans: Fluorescence is the property of diamond, which makes it glow when it is kept under a UV (Ultra Violet) light. Fluorescence in a diamond is judged based on the intensity of the glow when it is kept under a UV light.


The impact of fluorescence on price depends on its notice-ability. For some higher – colour stones, fluorescence gives the stone a milky white appearance, which greatly lowers value. In some instances, the fluorescence is hardly noticeable and has minimal impact on the stone’s brilliance and value.